Since 1973

Since three generations with passion

Our passion for hospitality runs deep in our blood: our grandma Maria in 1973 opened the first Agriturismo in the whole Trentino region, one of the firsts in Italy. 

We have peasant roots: as early as 1800 our family was involved in working the land and raising livestock. 

The family farm was born more than forty years ago from the initiative of our grandmother Maria. In the 70s the Corradini family, like many Trentino families, lived mainly on agriculture and to round off the income it housed tourists in the free rooms of the Maso owned. Maria was the first to perceive the potential of the farm: in that great fervor of renewal that involved rural women in the early seventies, our grandma had the intuition to exploit the peasant knowledge of her family and the experience gained in ten years of work in hotels. 

Thus began an adventure lasting more than thirty years that now continues thanks to Monica, the wife of his son Nicolò, in the new Maso built in 2003. Today the Corradini family dedicates itself with passion to the agritourism hospitality to offer their guests authenticity and cordiality according to the ancient tradition of Fiemme . 

Monica's great friendliness and kindness, attentive to every detail and formidable in making your holiday unique, make our Maso a destination for special and unique holidays: simply unforgettable. 

Five daisies have been assigned to our agritourism, the highest quality recognition for agritourisms, comparable to the five stars of a hotel. We are proud to have been among the first in Italy to obtain the highest quality recognition, the first in Trentino.

 We work every day to improve ourselves, in order to make your holiday even more pleasant and unforgettable. 

In 2007 our Maso obtained the Ecolabel certification in respect of the environment and sustainability. We were the first farmhouse in Trentino Alto Adige to obtain this important recognition, aimed at underlining our deep and constant commitment to protecting the environment, nature and the world that we will leave to our children. Il Maso is managed with pride and passion by our family firsthand: Monica takes care of the hospitality part by welcoming guests, making you feel at home, while Nicolò takes care of the farm. It is he who gets up early every morning to milk the cows, who takes care of our raspberries and much more. 

Anna, Stefania and Francesco, Monica and Nicolo's children, help in the management of the farm doing various activities.